WhipNote helps individuals transcribe their web conference or phone meetings in real time.  
What's Unique About This Product?
"Althought WhipNote is a newer entrant, one of the key differentiators is that the platform gives users live, real-time transcript of the meeting. Notes can easily be editted, highlighted, and shared. Note that the product does not record calls, so users will need to rely on web conferencing to do so. WhipNote's speech recognition technology and call infrastructure are both proprietary, so the strength of the product is tied to the strength of their in-house team."  
Who Is This Product For?
Individuals who primarily attend meetings through web conference or by phone


  • Audio input methods:Makes calls through web conference providers and through direct phone calls.
  • Calendar Integration:Yes - Google calendar
  • Shows Full Transcript:Yes
  • Speed of Transcription:Provides real-time transcription of call.
  • Speaker differentiation:AI speaker ID (partially accurate)
  • Ability to Add Human Transcription:No
  • Sentiment Analysis:No
  • Automatic Flagging:No
  • Real-time User Flagging:Yes
  • Integrations Summary:Google Calendar, Web Conference platforms (via Google Calendar)
  • Audio Upload / In-Person Meetings:No
  • Enterprise / Team Accounts:No
  • Languages Transcribed:English
  • Country Restrictions for Phone Calls:N/A

Pricing & trial

Pricing & Trial
Paid: $49/month per user (unlimited notes, custom voice fingerprint, access to use Whipnote on all supported phone & conference systems, 24-hour customer support)  
Free Trial Terms
15 day free trial
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