Reason8 record and transcribes in-person meetings via a mobile app and is made for people in industries where meetings typically happen face-to-face.  
What's Unique About This Product?
Unlike many of the transcription tools available for business usrs, which emphasize phone and web confernce calls, Reason8 provides a solution for in-person meetings. Users can share summaries and notes from the meeting directly through the app.  
Who Is This Product For?
Business people who have a lot of in-person meetings, rather than phone or web conference meetings. The tool uses Google’s cloud speech API to convert audio to text


  • Audio input methods:Record meetings through iPhone or Android App
  • Calendar Integration: No
  • Shows Full Transcript:Yes
  • Speaker differentiation:AI speaker ID (partially accurate) requires two phones
  • Ability to Add Human Transcription:No
  • Sentiment Analysis:No
  • Automatic Flagging:No
  • Real-time User Flagging:No
  • Integrations Summary:None
  • Audio Upload / In-Person Meetings:Yes
  • Enterprise / Team Accounts:No
  • Country Restrictions for Phone Calls:N/A

Pricing & trial


Company Details

  • Crunchbase URL: Reason8
  • Funding:Seed
  • Clients:unknown (B2C product)
  • Partnerships:N/A
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