Recordator is a platform agnostic way to record and transcribe outbound calls. Rather than download an app, users call out through their phone using a Recordator dial-in number  
What's Unique About This Product?
Recordator is a new entrant in the call recording, so it's unique features are currently limited. Users have unlimited storage, can annotate important moments, and search call history  
Who Is This Product For?
Individual users who need to record outbound calls on an as-needed basis


  • Audio input methods: Makes calls through Recordator (dial-in number or click-to-call with sign-in)
  • Calendar Integration: No
  • Shows Full Transcript: Yes
  • Speaker differentiation:AI speaker ID (partially accurate)
  • Ability to Add Human Transcription:No
  • Sentiment Analysis:No
  • Automatic Flagging:No
  • Real-time User Flagging:No
  • Integrations Summary:None
  • Audio Upload / In-Person Meetings:No
  • Enterprise / Team Accounts:No
  • Country Restrictions for Phone Calls:

    Local dial-in: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, UK, and US

    Click-to-Call: US, Canada, Brazil, France, Germany, Russia, UK, Spain, Italy, India, China, Indonesia, Japan, and Panama.

Pricing & trial

Starter: $10 for 67 minutes ($0.15/minute)

Professional: $30 for 250 minutes ($0.12/minute)

Business: $60 for 600 minutes ($0.10/minute)

Free Trial Terms
10 minutes free

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